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1722 Routh Street - Dallas Tx. in The One Arts Plaza @ Dallas Arts District Phone:(214)720-2211


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Jorge's Supports The Arts and The Arts District


Welcome to Jorge's Tex-Mex Cafe! We are located in Downtown Dallas Tx in the Arts District. Click Here for Directions to our Dallas Tex-Mex Cafe!. About Us: Founded by Jorge Veloz Sr., in his quest to quench their never-ending restauranteurs thirst, the Veloz's embarked on the short journey to Dallas Tx.

Jorge's Tex Mex Cafe is locally owned and operated and located in the Arts District minutes away from all the performing arts venues and museums. We specialize in clean, fresh made to order home style Tex Mex with hearty options as well as options of the lighter side. Our bar serves up a full bar and fresh margaritas made with our in house made mix. Join us for the Art of Tex Mex food and drink experience!

The newest location in Dallas Tx, is the love child of Jorge Veloz with wife Angie Veloz and step-daughter Michelle Mireles. With the insite of Michelle, they had the idea of creating an all new tex-mex experience that would cater to the social Dallas population. When they decided on the concept, the next step was to find the perfect location. This task took almost a year. They wanted exposure with a populated location and upscale style. Uptown became their focus and with the new One Arts Plaza up for grabs, they jumped on for exclusivity of their Tex-Mex fare.
  By the fall of 2007 they broke ground and had full plans for a 4,000 square foot pad at the bottom of One Arts Plaza in the heart of the Arts District. An interior was designed to entice new customers and make returning ones thirsty for the new Jorge's. In March of 2008, the menu was be created and the staff was learning their new post.    
  Jorge had a new gleem in his eyes. When they opened the doors in August of 2008, you could find him in the kitchen, again. Cooking and creating with his new staff and Diana Veloz, the eldest of his children. She was borrowed temporarily from Jorge's Austin to assist in the organization of the Dallas kitchen line. Occasionally, you may find Jorge sporting an apron and cooking up some trouble in the kitchen. But trouble never tasted so good.
  Jorge's partners in crime can also be found at his side. Michelle will have the fun of overseeing Jorge's Tex Mex's image and marketing. But until then, she is on site anytime, day or night, working the floor. Her mother, Angie is the companies CFO and is always busy traveling the state back and forth between their home in Dallas and their office in Midland. She and Jorge still have their locations in West Texas to run. And run, run, run they do. Don't let your guard down, you never know when another location may be looming.
  When you travel Texas be sure to stop in Amarillo to see George Jr. at  Jorge's Tacos Garcia on Ross St.  Don't forget our Austin Jorge's where Diana Veloz holds strong. When you venture back to West Texas, say "hi." to Jesse Lopez (our cousin) in the Midland Drive location. Mr. Veloz tames the other Midland location on Big Spring Street and the Odessa Jorge's. Any direction you go, we are trying to make sure you don't go hungry.

Jorge's Dallas
1722 Routh St. Ste.122
Dallas, Texas 75201

Located in One Arts Plaza - Dallas Tx


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